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Reimagining Lending,
With Blockchain Innovations

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Our Products

A decentralized debt market structured DAO set up for investment in home equity notes we originate and underwrite.
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High-demand Microloans meet innovative home equity lending for non-crypto-related projects such as home improvement and debt consolidation.
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Disruptive Technology in the form of an automated lending and crypto investing app already pre-launched in the App Store and Google Play.
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Lack of access to home equity loans under $50,000 for home improvements and debt consolidation. Home owners under the age of 40 have the majority of their net worth tied up in their 401k and Home Equity with few options for loans other than high interest credit cards.

Lack of opportunity for investors seeking fixed yield to invest in mortgage loans in the US real estate market. Lack of transparency and trust in fixed yield products.


Mortgage Token’s

Using our simplified, secure, lending, and investment app our proprietary algorithm credit qualifies a borrower for their micro home equity loan.   Our bankless lending system allows for a third-party investment opportunity. By utilizing blockchain technology we are able to pay yields based on home equity mortgages that are originated, funded, and serviced by our fully licensed, bonded, and insured mortgage company.



Attract the next generation of borrowers with unique lending products not currently available in today's market.

Mortgage Token DAO provides a passive yield investment product that gives individuals exposure to mortgage debt yields.

"Consumers are already tapping into their home equity in greater numbers. TransUnion found that home equity lines of credit are growing as a percentage of equity-based borrowing.”


* TransUnion predicts that home equity lending overall will increase by 24% in 2023, compared with 2022. 

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